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Boo the Pomeranian ‘dies of heartbreak’ – ‘World’s cutest dog’ passes away a year after his best pooch pal died

Her ruined owners shared news on Facebook and discovered that the famous dog had heart problems.

Pu Pomeranian, an informational fuss, died of “heartache” a year after the death of his favorite dog.
Her devastating owners shared news on Facebook and discovered that the famous dog had heart problems after the death of his dog friend, Buddy, in 2017.

Boo the Pomeranian has died “from heartbreak”, his owners revealed

“I’m happy to announce that Boo died early this morning in his sleep and he left us to join his best friend, Buddy,” said his owner on Facebook.
“Boo showed signs of heart problems. We think his heart literally broke when Buddy passed away. He hung up and gave us over a year.

“But it looks like it was his time, and I’m sure it was a very happy moment for them when they saw each other in paradise.”

During his years on Earth, Boo published his own book Boo: the cutest dog in the world.
He had more than 16 million followers on Facebook and brought joy to people around the world.A statement reads, “Our family is heartbroken, but we find solace in knowing that there is no pain or discomfort.

“We know that Buddy was the first to greet him on the other side of this rainbow bridge, and it’s probably one of the most excited in a long time.”
“Boo brought happiness to people around the world, Boo is the happiest dog I’ve ever met, so easy-going that we never had to worry about training.

“He made the most masculine men scream for his kindness and made everyone laugh with his quirky and offbeat character.”

Boo started suffering from heart problems after his fellow canine friend Buddy died in 2017

Boo brought joy to millions across the world

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