Octopus Got Stuck On Her Face When She Tried Eating It Alive!

Vlogging is the new trend where people tend to do anything and stream it to get views and followers. By trying unique ways to entertain their followers, these vloggers need to be creative and different in approach to see success
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One such vlogger was left with a bitter experience when she tried to eat a live octopus and it got stuck on her face! Check out the details of this bizarre case and also do see the video at the end of the article.

She Is A Regular Vlogger This social media vlogger known as “Seaside Girl Little Seven” is often seen livestreaming herself eating seafood. She decided to take it a step further by eating a huge octopus that is alive.


She Holds The Live Octopus To Eat In the video it is seen that the vlogger is holding a fairly large octopus near her face. She plans to take a bite of one of its tentacles.

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